i used to be a Pullover brun de paris

100gram 380met 65% Fine merino wool 20% viscose type lyocell 15% polyamide

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this dark muddy is considered THE color of the basis for most of what you will see in collections in
2023 2024
yit does nt happen a lot but sometimes in fashion we can have a convergence to one color
and this color in particular is it
we beleef as colro forcasters that is has to do with the war and global free negative feelings
so this color is a sugestion towards that feeling but it has the seeds fo possitive engagement aswell
you will see that 60% of fashion will be based on this color
in one way or an other they will see this as a reference in all of their collections
it wil be combined a lot wit green types and aslo with a lot of special taupes greige colors

aswell it is very stunning ot add just one fluo accent in this color
a line here or there an dit wil go smoothly with it

i used to be a Pullover
65% Fine Merino wool pure recycled origine
20% Viscose type Lyocell pure recycled origine
15% Polyamide pure recycled origine


PERFECT for hand knitting
and create special to use on your knitting machine
the yarn is already prewaxed for knitting machien use
hand washing is MANDATORY for this kind of wool
after washing it blooms marvelously open

ideal for knitting with 3.00 to 4.50mm