ETextile High Technology Yarn and Co




please note very good that you do not need to mail me for:

1  asking how to use these kind of threads
i will not do your work, do it yourself

2  what the resistnce in ohm per meter is
a lot ask this but do not realise that it changes wildly to the usage
and the rest of the materials you work it in, over and or around
and also we get paid for doing this kind of R&D

3  what the actual technology behind it is
firms institutes and R&D think-tanks pays us per hour for this kind of info
so if you want to kno, be prepared to fo deep into your pockets
we have the knowhow on the cross-border thechnology between
the actual conceptual products that are beeing creted in the mind and the actual workabilety into industrial aplications
and the problem solving solutions for the industrial machines

4  if they are suitable for sewing machine x or y or z or....
that is so impossibel to say because again all depends on the type of machien your are having
the kind of sewig needles your are using
the materials you are using it on etc etc etc
there are so many variables in this equasion that it is  zero to nil to go and explain the why or why not...
there is one thingh i will tel you
most buy a rubbish sewing machie for 90euro pounds or even wors in a second hand shop
you need a GOOD machine wich does not EAT your threads or EAT your cloth you put on it
but at the other hand be awre that your good machine will be very fast eaten alife by these kind of special threads
so it is a quastion of  value you want to spend at hte project you will do..

5  if you can use them on your knitting machine or not
same question as sewing machine...
and the aswer is a bit the same

6 etc etc

if you have to ask these questions to me and you dont want to experiment yourself.....
then i wunder if you are worth having my marvlous threads in the first place....
and i know it sounds a bit harsh, but believe me
if i have to pre-mangé and prep you to use them
what is there of creativety left?

kind regards for your understanding