Shrinking threads

Shrink threads and effect threads and water soluble threads

if you are now looking for effect
you've come to the right place

shrink threads use them sparingly
the less shrink you use the more effect you will have
after all, applying shrinkage in blocks gives more effect than shrinking everywhere
you can achieve pattern formation by shrinking here and there and especially by not shrinking much
the crimp will contract your knit, weave, crochet structure where you used the crimp
so there you will have a bobble, an extra amount of fabric and in the other places you won't
this is how you create a visual effect

the felt yarns ditto
now take a normal non-feltable wool for your knitting, crochet or weaving project
and you put feltables here and there in between

once finished you wash the whole with a hard soap to give your felt porces optimal effect
this will cause your felt wool to felt and therefore also contract
because felting ensures that the wool (scales) hook into each other
and therefore sit more closely together and therefore shrink your tissue
the rest does not shrink and so you create again here
astringent substance so that you get relief in your tissue that is there permanently
remains present

I can tell a lot about this
and cattle talk about it but it's a DO IT YOURSELF thing
twice a year I give a very intensive workshop on this theme of shrinkage
1 workshop is only around weaving
the other is only applied to knitwear
you can't believe how easy it is to achieve phenometastic effects
and with little thought and little preparation
usually in books these types of projects are described as EXTREMELY difficult to apply
or usually also as almost unusable due to too much work and too little result
well they are wrong, most of those books are written by madamen from scandinaviche regions
who are, in fact, tapestry weavers and know their way around soft fabrics
and have never been in the industry
because imemr this is very often used in the industry without you realizing it

remember this (applied to weaving) making a tapestry or pot holder is NOT an art
anyone can do that with their eyes closed
but making a soft beautiful extravagant fabric with little effort....; That is something else