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 indigo & co  

we made with our creative Labo a range of Natural colored indigo threads
it was a study doen for the purpose of testig the fructose ecological coloring technique
these are the first of our test we release to you
they are ranging form stunningly bautiful to more then marvelous
but you know us
we only do in the perfect....

one small detail
the Black indigo is not Just indigo
it is the sulpherisation of indigo, it is not harmfull but less ecologicaly friendly then
the pure new technology Fructose way
and i know there is a lot of bullshit literature around whom explains to make more dark by
hammering extra losse pigments into the tindigo colored cloth
well .... there is science  ad there is then psychiatry....
enjoy our marvelous indigo yanrs

Are you a natural indigo virgin... but always remember that the dark colors of indigo ALWAYS bleed
so also be prepared that your fingers and everything around them will be blue
and don't be fooled into thinking that you can stabilize or fix this
natural indigo gives off
that's part of the charm of natural indigo
that is also why so many want this
because pullover sock trousers will simply go through a course of discoloration
so be ok with that otherwise stay away from natural indigo

a few impressions of the results of the yanrs
these are industiral knitted pullovers
the effects of the wearouts is simply done by the special denim wash technique
they give a more deep intens traditional denim indigo look


these indigo rnages give marvelous effects in woven creations
because of the osmose washhing effect you can make the darker colors bleed on white cottons silks wools etc after a denimwashing proces
better known as the osmosewashing
see under here the results of several nice combos always with a white thread combo
the left is done wiht white west indian cotton
and i hope you see the stunning result of vry soft heu halo of soft inkish bleu indigo on those white colors
the 3 left ones are in double deflected weaving structure were we used a balck fine cotton
please be awre of using only blacks or white colors  because then and only then you will end us seeing the bleu halo
that stunning soft natural calming colour used in lots of color therapy for camling dawn
if yu use natural color wool silk ecru likihs or even more pale buter colors of naturla cotons
you wil not have bleu alo but more a greenish undertone efen a brownishgrey undertone
if wated ok but mostly people react in horro as they wanted the indigo they know
for me personaly the greenish ones are also stunningly beautiful
a few months from now(now is = 14 april 2019) we will release a range of thos greyish and greenish colored ones)

i hoep you see as i do the marvel of that colors

if you buy our tissues
we cut them special on order for you
so we do not accept any returns fom this part of our articles