MerinoSoft Super Knit


In the range of MerinoSoft
the basic wire construction for manufacturing
from the Fine de Sport and a few other varieties that we don't offer at the moment
the departure for this always of the basic double wire
some are so specific in construction that we even start from the single spun thread
so we can go even extra with the torsions to an under or overtors and then make a specific ZZ or SS wire construction
which gives a very rare effect in knitting
but we deviate

so this is the BASIS of almost all of our MerinoSoft empire
and I call it empire because it's the best of the best

so what do we offer here?
to date we have only offered all of that merinosoft
in the printed, spotted, semi-painted semi solids and quasi solids
but never in the solid uni colors nor in the melange colors
so simple solid is solid 1 even color from the first centimeter to
the last centimeter of thread without color deviation whatever
can be beautiful but is dead and without any form of life in it
this is what is regarded as "old-fashioned" in today's fashion trends
and then there is the melange colors
here 3 individual slivers are painted in 3 almost equal colors and then all three are carded together to obtain a homogeneous mass
so in each cm you always have a bit of all three together and in one cm you can have a little more or a little less but
everywhere you have a homogeneous color variation over the entire thread that is the same
this creates a very beautiful color variation melange that gives life to your knitting
without seeing a difference

so you will see these two here
they are offered on cones and you choose how many grams you want on the cone to choose this per 100 grams

so the basic wire is 100gram = 1500meter
for a super beautiful knitted textile, choose 3 colors that fit and knit them together
you obtain a wonderfully beautiful knit on a 2.50 mm to 3.25 mm
The advantages of knitting in this way is that you can build up very simple fading effects without boo or ba
that way you also decide where you want the color transitions exactly
so how are you doing this? choose 5 matching colors or more
and then just start with the 3 first colors together
and after that you take one out and put another in
dsu while doing ej change the gradient
and you keep doing this where you want it
this way you get wonderfully beautiful transitions and also pullovers scarves etc with the transitions
that YOU WANT and especially WHERE YOU WANT IT

when I have some more time I'll make an example of the how and the what
and if I have much more time ngo I even make a youtube video
but as with you I must have more than 24 hours a day.....