Royal Camel and Silk

Royal Camel + Mulburry Silk

As you know
we only begin whit the best of the best
we do not do in less, or the maybe or the almost
no only the BEST OF THE BEST
only the top quality

1/16 Nm =  800 meter/50gram   ---> FINE COBWEB = Gosamer Fine Cobweb
3/16 Nm =  266 meter/50gram

4/60 Nm =  750 meter/50gram  --->            FINE COBWEB = Gosamer  fine Cobweb
we sell it per 100 grams = 1500 meter
this one is uttermost perfect for lace sjaals
because of the perfect roundness of this thread (composed out of 4 very nicely roundish assembled yanrs)
you get a perfect structure for knitting, crochet and even bobbinlacing
i even have done some small embroidery  STUNNING....