MerinoSock & SoftySock 75/25

MerinoSock 75/25
75% special Merinowool of the sock type
25% PA special sock type for socks

on hanks of 100 gram = 425 meter
on hanks of 500 gram = 2100 meter
on cones of 1 kilo = 4250 meter
on mini cones of 50 meter

in short
this MerinoSock is really
ThE PERFECT sock yarn

spun into a perfect sock construction
perfect stretch versus density
and also spring resilience of the yarn
so spun with a Merino with perfect shrinkage
this Merinowool is the SOCK type
so a type of merino that has a higher micronage
and more resistant to rubbing feet
many ask us is it soft?
yes it is more than soft enough to be sock wool
it is definitely softer than most sock yarns you could
find there in the big bad online forest of sock yanrs

to give you an idea our sock wool is softer
than most of those Shjetland wool types
and even softer then most of those english wools
they sell for pullovers
so yes you can perfectly even do pullovers with it

in terms of knitting needles 2,25 mm 3,50mm
as a normal sock type

a small sample out of our colors
only a small amount of our collection is onle
if you look for a special color let us know
we have the largest stock in colors in europe
so email if special color wanted