dirty children collection

we introduce to you our new collection
“daily use for mama ,papa
and even the dirty children”
this is a study we have done for a collection were
the following criteria were important:

1    very affordable prices
2    zero waist management
3    ecological responsible
4   washable on wool ware program

So this is the result of what we concocted:
we had a lot of people asking us for doing some fantasy mohair
that was for daily use and ecological
the Polyamide and the Polyacryl are form re-used materials
of "dead stocks" in our warehouse that was re-guillotined
(= the woven and knitted cloth was cut and teared
into smaller parts to be abel to get the fibers out)
and so to prepare to use in the final construction of the thread
(this is done in the mindset of zero waste ecological idea,
were materials whom would be end of use, or be put into the incinerator ,
would be re-used to UPCYCLE their life to become new products)
this is not always possible , it depends ont eh type of quality of bases materials used
if you have rubbish to start with…. well it wil stay rubbish in smaller bits
you need better grades to UPCYCLE and you need sometimes even new
martiaals to be added to get a better cohesion of all over mix
this is here done we introduced 60% upcycled material to add 40% new materials

so the color we present to yo now are
in the special edition color trends 2021–2022
we have 10 colors made in “some uniform colors”
and 12 in inkjetprinter colors directly on the yarns
this is PERFECT
to knit a daily useable pullover or sjaal
so this is our answer to them
we made a soft washable machine version (=wool program)
in a very very very economical ridiculous price setting


38% selected long fiber Sud-African CAPE Mohair
10% fine merino wool
26% polyamide &  26% polyacrylique
( 60% of the PA and PC is from recycled origine)

12 inktjet printed multi colors
10 “normal”colors

+-35gram = 315mt

5+2 free
=  buy 5 and get 7 for the same price