Fat Mohair

Fat 100% Mohair

this is 100% PURE mohair
the corethreads ad the fluff ALL is 100% pure mohair

this is obtained by selecting EXTRA long mohair fibers
to create enough cohesion in the thread to ply with the fluffyness of the mohair
even the mohair fibers sticking out are XETRA long

as you know the longer wool mohair cashmere etc is the thicker it gets
so it is slightly thicker then normal kid silk and has a more robust feeling

available on hanks 100gram = +-250 meter

in single ply perfect for knitting on a 5,50 to 7,00mm
if you double them for a more coled knit
i would suggest 7,00mm to 8,00mm
if you want to do a overthe top bernadette vest structutre
then you go crazy all out and use 3 threaads together

colors are colors seison winter 2025

limited vaialabilety