Vicuna and Guanaco & Alpaca & Camel

Vicuna (vecunia) and Guanaco
the absolute top of ANDES wool

these are absolute toppers
the best of the best
the ultimate fibr made by mother Nature
the softness, the isothermic properties and the stunnign construction of the wool itself makes it to one of those fibers
were you can only sit back and be astonished by nature itself
ther is only one fiber more isothermic then this and that is the wool of a Polarbear

100% vicuna

for the moment we carry only the Natural Brown color ready spun
we sell them from  10grams and per 10 grams upwards
1400 meter per 100gram
or to make it more efficient for you to calculate the needed amount
14 meter per gram

(you can compare our prices to others we are easely 40% beter in price!!!!!)
please be aware of the following please
we do not have knots in our vicunia
so if we spin your order in the amount you ordered that is and will
be considered an order on demand and youw ill not be able to ship it back

70% Vicunia 30% Thrownsilk (silk filament)

this wunder magical composition is the ultimate combination of new
technology to spinBlow fibers and catsh them in a binding structure to give it volume and softness
that is were the silk is for to make a tube in a mesh like construction were the Vicunia fibers are blown into
then you get the 3Deffect of the silk and the fibers sticking through the silk mesh
even giving more tender and softer then soft touch effects
this is MARVELOUS but pricy
you can consider this to be the uttermost luxery in a thicker thread construction
soft glossy mat blink luxery.....
per 100 gram only
100grams = 200meter

100% guanaco
for the moment we only keep it in sliver
if intersted email for it