PowderSoft silk

so really this is the nicest and softest thing you can make in a silk construction
at least as spun thread
this strain is so extremely special and special
it is spun as a single thread but behaves like a multiple spun thread
it can be said
this is spun with 3 slivers at the same time
this ensures that you have a much sturdier wire structure and still retain that softness without having to twist it to death
to guarantee perfect cohesion of your fibres
this is always the biggest problem with spiders
you need spiders to have enough cohesion and to keep your fibers stuck
but all that you bear too much you lose in the softness of your end result
the more torsions, the stronger your wire structure is, but also the less soft your end result will be
and also quite a big problem the more torsion the more twists and the worse curling effects can become
you are more likely to go to unstabilized yarns with crepe effects

this heit is perfection because we managed to get through all this
because with those 3 fuses we spin and bitches have selected the type of silk in such a way that we have the longest possible
have fiber to do this
the longer your fibers, the less you have to carry
and as you already know from my text
the less your torso, the softer...

so trust me this is PHENOMENAAAAL
extremely soft to the touch
this is perfect for wearing directly on your bare skin

we've had some delay in presenting our new collections in the powdersoft silk
it's coming asap
In the coming month we will be working on it urgently