Silk Yaspé Shangtung Colors

Silk Jaspé Shantung

A silk thread composed out of 100% pure multicolered Shantung processes silk
the rest of the spinning is done in the Jaspee technique so to have a stunning bicolor effect wich is not so visible as just 2 colors gleued it is much much more subtle
and becasue we added the little silk fluff elements in the spinning process that is even more camouflaged and more subtle in colors
pure visual spectacle in marvelous silk
the thread itself is very strong for the fine body it has
that is becasue we used only the best of the best for this silk
so 100% pure sik
this thread is perfect for bobbinlace
more then perfect
more then perfect for weaving (10 to 12 threads per cm) and because it is so strong you can use it withouht even blinking in the warp and the weft
you will have marvelous results
and now the cherry on top of the cake
this thread gives more then marvelous stunning and visual effects in knitting and crochet
if you do shetland lace orenburg lace estonian lace etc all thsoe fine open laces this thread will be your best friend possible
and remember it is strong!!! so you will ove it
the real marvel starts when you take multiple colors like say 5 colors and start knitting crochetting with 3 threads together
and on the way you change every so and often one color out one other color in
you will create with 5 colors a stunning degrade and fading of colors
it goes also perfect for embroidery but you need to be a bit more "clever" lets say it is not for the "blond crosstich person"
that said you do not need to be a black ninja karate belt but lets say you will need to be more skilled then a starter...

the actual tickness of the thread is 100gram = 1500 meter
they are packed per 250meter rolls
thechnical measurements
dikte: 30/2 Nm = 600 Deniers  =  50/2 NeLinnen  =  18/2  NeCotton