Royal Suri Erotique

erotique because it is almost pure porn
it is soo soft, but realy sooo soft and sooo agreable on your skin
the feeling through your fingers
the soft volumptuous touch
it is PORN  beleefe me
that is why i can only say   if you are not 18+... please go away this it to adult for you
if you touch it you will feel its pull on your mind
caress me caress me feel me feel me
it is almust lust inducing....  thats why i say only  for 18+

45% Royal baby Suri ALPACA  the finest type possible
45% extra fine southd american orignine Merinos wool
10% ecro friendly production PA

spun in a cloudy like structure 100gram = 200meter

there wil be fast big amounts of colors here on the website
be a bit patient it will come

for giving you a gideline into needle gauge
perfect  as a single yanr for a  5,5mm to max 7,5mm knitting needle

if you are into the bernadette pullover cardigan and other over sised garments
then in a 3 thread knitted combo perfect
a needle 12mm
we are making in a fast way severals examples for you
they will be put here very soon
here under you havea first glimpse of several of our color combos