MerinoSoft Fine


a beautiful wunder wrapped together in threads assembled
100% 19µ micron merino wool
with all the special properties whom makes it ideal for washmachine washing
but it is not a superwash wich i do not realy like myself
superwash gives always a harder result of your fibers!!
but even then, be aware
you do not wash wool higher then 40°C in a machine!!!!

this wonderfull thread comes in 4 kinds:

Merinosoft Fine
100 gram = 500 meter
perfect for medium lace sjaals and all kinds of summer pullovers etcetc

Merinosoft SPORT
100 gram = 300 meter
this thread is near perfection in wool
it has all you need to have from and in wool
a perfect ratio versus elasticety of the wool
a very stunning knitting sticht fullwilling wool

Merinosoft Super Knit
100 gram = 1600 meter
this is the base thread for all of our merinososft "normal" collections
the fine is 3 threads together
the sport is 5 threads together
the fat is an multiply of 8 to 15 depending on how FAT we want the result
( we seldon do the Fat one because a pullover is extremly heavy)
please note very very important
the SUPER KNIT version is on cones and is specialy prewaxed
for machine knitting
so you would not have any trouble for using it in machines
the wax is high end grade and disolves directly in water

Merinosoft Super Lace
100 gram = 1600 meter