Silk Organza Grenadine Superia

Silk Organzine
Nice thin organzine
Not coloured, natural high silk gloss.
The Organzine is a silk thread composed of two or several strands in which each strand has received a first twist from right to left (500-700 T/M) and the composed thread another double twist from left to right (475-600 T/M).Special

Silk Grenadine
Raw black coloured organzine , overtwisted and fixed afterwards whit steam.
This is what was uesed for the mat blakish parts in the chantilly lace.
You can't find this anywhere else. unless on some antiques shows.

Superia Silk
an uttermost difficult silk filament thread to work in
but it is what was used in traditional blonde for the more suttle laces
it is a thread so fine to and so fragile in its own special way
that you can easely make a spider red jealouse from envy

Unbloiled silk = Raw Silk
After the dereeling of the silk from the cocoons you have what is called the raw silk
in this context RAW that means not worked on by any ohter means and that we are talking of the pure base product
do not let yourself be fooled by this terminology
it is not because of this term RAW that is feels raw sturdy or whatever
the touch of silk is only atchiefed by twisting or not twisting and making differend mixes of differend twists,
that is the reason soem silk feels harsh and other feels as soft as ,,,,

in theory you can keep from 1 kilo of raw silk  about +-700 grams of decummed silk as finished product
around +-30% of the raw silk is silkglue better known as sericine