socky wocky


a new and modern interpretation for sock yanr users
made in tricolor bicomponent spun technology
this allows to make nice and
very very long fading color effects

65% FINE SELECTED european origine Landwool
(30% of the wool is from up cycled wool
the upcycled wool is 100% origine EU
yes yes more and more theEU is recycling its textiles again)
35% Polyacryl /polyamide mix (50/50%)

what does land wool mean?
it means you have a mix of different types of wool/breeds
we do not look for the breed as a marker in the selling
but we only look for the property’s of the wool

+100gram = 350met
colors winter 2021-2022

4+2 free EXTRA
=  buy 6 for the rediculous price of 4