Smelt Thread


This is a incredible WAW thread

you can do wonders whit this thread

the thread is a small non solubable thread spun together on smelting threads
these smelting threads react on heat and are actualy a kind of solidified gleu
the moment you make it hotter then 65°C it will start liquidify again and so itwill stick to all what it will find in its way

this gives you the oportunity to make very open works were normaly structural intergety of the work would be a problem
this thread aplied in the correct possitions can make that difference to one of those works
it will hold all the threads were it can act as gleu together and it will be still veryvry soft
it does not produce like real glue a hardened surface or nasty sharp edges or what ever of unpleasant effects
this is a thread which i would only recomend for the more creative daredevil

after a while i will make a fotoshoot of some possible uses of this thread

we offer this thread in 2 kinds

As sample we used the Royal Camel en Silk 45/3Nm

The last 2 rows are knitted together whit SMELT thread
if you have a more dificult thread, you can decide to use the last 3 or 4 rows
lay it on bakingpaper and pull the kniting needles out of the work
you better put small pins/needles in the outer corners of the knitted work
to make sure the work wil stay in its form/place
take an other sheet of baking paper to cover the work
you put the irion on its hottets temperature
that should be linnen and or coton depending on the kind of iron you have
IT IS IMPORTANT that the time you iron is SHORT and POWERFULL
make sure you cover all parts of the knit were you have used the SMELT
pull gently the bakingpaper away
and help here and there were needed to remove the paper

the not finished part of the knit will stay in its "UNFINISHED" stade and will not cause any
running of loops threads loosening or what ever of catastrophy in the knit
the most important question for most of you will be
"is it soft/smooth or is it like a plastic like hard aspect?"
no it stays soft, you will have ofcourse a harder structure but it does not feel uncomfortable
and it surely feels not like hardend plastic