angora lace

100gram +750mt 90% frensh angora 5%silk 5% merino wool

angora lace
angora lace
angora lace
angora lace
angora lace
angora lace
angora lace
angora lace
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Artikelcode4840 angora lace

90% French origine ANGORA
form super fine to medium fine fibers
5% bombyx morus silk fibers
5% extra fine Merino wool fibers

the 5% silk and 5% merino are added for having less problems in the spinnig of the thread
if we wanted to spin a thicker version we coudl go to 100% pure angora
but here we wanted a much finer result than what we normaly do
so we had to add other fibers for making the spinning process a bit less stressfull
i put less becasue angora is ALWAYS a stressfull event to undertake
the carding is a real catastorofe to a even full blown nightmare
the spinning is nonstop misery to almost needing antidepresiva to cope with it
so yes  we added the merino and the silk to make it a bit "more doable" for us

the result is a double tthread
lace type  so 750meter per 100 gram
it knits perfectly on a 3,00mm and gives after washing a stunning effect

if you knit it 3 or more threads then you get hte WAW effect of what angora reallly can do in knitwear
i recommend a knit a bit more open then what you would do
so 3 threads together on a 5,500  6,00 mmm  you will love it

PLEASE NOTE  do not wash wiht that bullshit special wool stuff
just use regular non colored liquide dishwaser soap
it works PERFECT for the first wash of angora