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Bart & Francis
cancellation OPENDOOR DAY sunday 5 april  2020
we hope our next opendoorday  26th of arpil will be ok
we will keep you informed

PRE- and POST- 
as everybody has now enough toilet-paper 
for Sh#@§ing the rest of your live, 
and enough shitty cheap spaghetti and rice 
till you constipate beyond rescuing, 
and not being able to use that so badly fought for 
and sourly bought toilet-paper adequately, 
well …. 
now it is time for keeping you busy for the rest of the 
pre- & post- apocalypse corona time 
so it is time for hoarding yarn & thread & fibers 
you can never have enough yarn in times 
of pending disaster and biblical cataclysm 
so this is the special CORONA 19 reduction 
you wil get 
-19 % 
(yes you read it correct -19%
on the internet webshop 
the reduction will be done automatically 
on the end of the ordering proces
note please that it does not work for workshops, precious metals, real metals, 
weaving-looms and weaving accessories, neither cumulative for student discounts.
please consider this 
looking nonstop after the health of your children, grandchildren, husband etc 
will get you at some point lightly stressed up and emotionally boiling, 
even if you love them till death…. 
you will get bored and start building up negative feelings 
and for preventing that last bit of exploding feelings 
and preventing a family disaster 
so keep yourself use-full with knitting, 
spinning, embroidering, 
weaving, crocheting etc etc 
it will improve your family life 
it will improve your mental health 
it wil even improve your sex-life*

* for claims of not having a beter sex live 
after buying our threads, we suggest you strongly 
to look on a the internet for
“how to find a willing and very obedient sexy much younger partner” 
if needed we can redirect you towards better websites for that. 
email us for help if needed….

during the corona periodis delivery completly differend
we no longer ship to parcelshops
it is now directly done to home delivery
but be aware of the fact that they will only try 2 times and not do a redirect to a parcelshop
so when you see in the system of dpd that they are comming that day
make sure you STAY at home (what you should do anywhy in the corona time) and be there to accept the delivery
if you have not been able to accept the pack the second delivery ...
 it will be send direclty back to us and not to a parcelshop for you to collect
as parcleshops will be floded by to many people for collecting their packs
make that this does not happen becaus you pay the reshipping!!!

keep safe 

as always: reductions do not count on precious metals, metals , weavinglooms, weavingaccesoires, workshops



  100gr  200mt

100gr 200mt

12.50  € 8.50