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Bart & Francis


27 mai 2018
10 u - - 16 u

overleiestraat 59
8500 kortrijk

plus small expo with the catch of the day
of the april fish action
we had a lot of our clients whom participated and made in just a few days a marvelous creation
so we decided to next to the 5 best  prices for 25€
also give all the rest 5€ reduction coupon
here one of those marvelous creations  

if you want to be informed next time of one of those SUPER DEALS
just email for the newsletter
we ONLY send maximum 2 mails per month
sometimes none
so you will not be swamped by mails from our side


BoullYWolle califonria  6 bol

BoullYWolle califonria 6 bol

30.00  € 24.00

Chenille linnen+  100 gram

Chenille linnen+ 100 gram

5.00  € 2.50


Pagamoori Silk  5 fusettes

Pagamoori Silk 5 fusettes

37.50  € 25.00