i used to be a CASHMERE pullover

i used to be a cashmere pullover
( and i want to be one again..)


98 % 100% recycled cashmere form pullovers
the fiber micornage in these is mix between 15 and mx 17 micon
so from realy very soft to very soft
2 % mixed wool fibers from 17micron to 19 micron
this wool is the result of the binder threads for remaillage
remaillage is if you knit diffrend parts you need to put them together
in cashmere pullovers that is not alwasy doen with cashmere thread but mostly
by using merinowool wich has a longer fiber and stronger for that purpose

on cones of
100 gram = 600 meters

no rubbish inside
PURE NATURE but from 100% recycling

for knitting on a +-3,00mm to max 4,0mm knitting

1 medium pullover is 2 cones  on 3,50 mm = 1200 meter
1 large pullover is 3 cones on 3,50 mm = 1800 meter

the moment yu have knitted your textile
if it i a pullover or a sjaal or whaterver
you put it in handwarm water  with dishwsh liquide soap
and give it directly a good first wash
the dishwas liquide soap will foam very well and degrease and settle the fibers directly like it should be
afterwards  rince with handwarm water
centrifuge it
and FLAT DRY!!!! FLATTTTTTT  imporant

after that first wash the fibers will bloom and will start giving their softness towards you
you will love it soooo much