E-Textile Metal Sewing HEAVY%metal 2 ply +-10gram

+-10gram +250mt 40% extreme fine InoX Steel fibers + 60% special PES super strong composite 4409

E-Textile Metal  Sewing HEAVY%metal  2 ply +-10gram
E-Textile Metal  Sewing HEAVY%metal  2 ply +-10gram
E-Textile Metal  Sewing HEAVY%metal  2 ply +-10gram
E-Textile Metal  Sewing HEAVY%metal  2 ply +-10gram
E-Textile Metal  Sewing HEAVY%metal  2 ply +-10gram
9.50 *Les prix incluent la TVA
Code articleET inox heavyMet2pl
the E-textile heavy metal special

this is again one of those very rare to produce ones
here you have a very high % of metal fibres into the bases material
intimitly mixed for heaving all over a 40/60% mix

i can not stress  you enough
that the higher % does not automaticly result in better connections
it is all in the how you connect
how you make the pathways
how you construct the pathways into the original textile intended strcuture
there are alwys a lot of varibales to take into the equasion
most only keep focusing on this type of thread and do not go that extra mile of thinking
please think your projects through and be thouroughly
go that extra mile whit your brain
even if it is a blond barbie or ken brain try and keep trying please
do it for mama and papa ..

the 40/60 heavy metal is slightly more stressfull on your sewing knitting embroidery etc machines
so be aware to change your sewing needles quite often on your machien when using htis
we recomend on every 100 meters of used thread to change the needles and even in very heavy usage to change your guidance systems
if they are not in special ceramics for heavy metaland corosive materials
every 1000 a 1500 meters
it will make a difference into the final results
and i know
many do not do this and wille ven say that you do not need to do it
well they are plain out right  "not smart" (lets be diplomatique and not say styupid ones...)
if sewing needles were that industrictable.... then they would be sold per 1
and not in packs of 2 or 5.....   i do not have stocks in sewing needles factorys... so i am not bias to what i say

change often
even if you think it is still ok
they do not cast a lot to buy

personaly i mostly will prefer the quilting types
they are a bit more gentile o the threads
but that last bit of advice is personal  liek i prefer vanilla to chocolate and strawberry...

we introduce you proudly the heavy metal
becasue there is  alot more metal inside  40% even