cashmere Xfine Super Lace color soft indigo

5000mt 100gram 60%medium fine cashmere ori Eurasia 25% fine merino 10% fine atlas silk 5% PA 4358

cashmere Xfine Super Lace  color soft indigo
cashmere Xfine Super Lace  color soft indigo
cashmere Xfine Super Lace  color soft indigo
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Cashmere Xfine SUPER LACE
extreme fine BUT SUPER STRONG for being so extreme fine

the seleted cashmere is not selected for its softness
if you go so extreme fine in spinning,
you can not afford to go to the extreme soft fibers because you will have not longer enough fibers left to spin a soft thread
becasue the finer you go, the less fibers you have in one point of cohesian in your thread
the less cohesian the more torsion you need to put on the thread for making it keep that cohesian and structural integrety
so if you want this extra fine thread to be as lose and smooth as possible, you need to select the longer fibers
and the longer the fibers in cashmere the less softer they are then the shorter fibers
it is sometimes choosing between cohesian softness structural possebiletys and what you final y want to do whit it and how
in a ideal world ... you would know in front on what type of textile machine you wan to use it..
then you can in front decide to choose differned paths to obtain the final result you wanted
but in an ideal world i would have a 6pack and still all my hair on my head aswell... so we keep dreaming
anywhy that is why we added some 25% fine very soft smooth feeling merino wool for adding more softness

this thread you do not chooce for the extreme soft touch of cashmere ...
this said: it is ABSOLUTLY NOT HARD  
but i mention it becasue there are always ones that beleeve that cashmere is always super soft and softer then soft
but you will be pleased of it
do not forget this is a rarety on its own
it is marvelous in canstruction
it is perfect (ofcourse we only do in perfect and marvelous..... if it is not good it is made by some other person...)
it will knit like crazy good
it weaves in warp and chain weft etc perfectly aswell
you can do all what you want with it

keep in mind this is for 100 grams 5000 meters
it is extremly fine and strong enough to knit

if you knit the 5000 meter on a 1,0mm  you will have one of htose stunning gigantique sjaals whom can be pulled through a wedding ring

try it and you will love it beond imagination

and please look at that price!!!!
that is a criminal low price