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Qiviut + Silk

Qiviut wool

 this Qiviut wool is from russian (URAL mountain region) origine
it is froma  farm were they are grown primarely for their exquisite fine meat
 the composition of this Qiviut thread is changed form last spinnign batches 2015

now we done a other kind of wool picking carding etc
it is done in the old sovjet orenbrug stype wool dehairing and processing
this gives a completly other structur in your finished product
it is extremly well for lace sjaals

60% semi dehaired qiviut wool on old traditional sovjet orenburg processing pickers and carding system
20% long fiber Bombyx morus silk for nice gloss on th thread
20% shantung fiber and fluff structural silk elements for a more special cohesian of  your work

a real wonder of nature caught in a marvelous thread

we have them in differend gg
100gram = 700meter
100gram = 350meter
100gram = 230meter

russian silk qiviut melange of 14 to 16 micron qiviut 100gram = 700mt

russian silk qiviut melange of 14 to 16 micron qiviut    100gram = 700mt

mix of russian origine qiviut+japanese origine bombyx morus silk + Xtra fine merino wool

Russian silk qiviut
melange interval of 14 to 16 max micron qiviut fibers
composition is:
35% Japanese origine Bombyx Morus very very soft silk medium long fibers
40% Russian origine extra super soft and super fine Qiviut dawn averigde of 15,4 micron
10% Russian origine fine Qiviut not fully dehaired
15% EXTRA fine soft merino wool for cohesion in mix and spin technical raesons
this total combo makes it softer then soft touch

100 gram sliver

€ 25.00