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Orenburgsky 3732 double thread 115gr 2500mt

69% orenburg 31% atlas silk 50/2Nm

Artikelcode: Orenburgsky 3732

Orenburgsky 3732  double thread  115gr  2500mt


69% orenburg cashmere goat NOT DEHAIRED harder fibers to
keep cohesion into the open orenburg knitting style
beacuse of these slightly harder fibers, you can make without any problems
biger and larger open artlace constructions and it will stil holds its form
it is a wunderous natural thingh that is typical for these kind of orenburg cashmere gaots

31% atlas super strong fine silk 

double thread construction 50/2
+115gram  2500meter

more then enough for a very nice big knit

35.00  € 18.00