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luxe bourette dik top product origine Argentina # 280 GRAM 280 gr +500mt

100% pure dry touch tussah bourette assemblage of 8 x 1/20Nm

Artikelcode: lux bourDIK 4330

luxe bourette dik top product origine Argentina  # 280 GRAM  280 gr  +500mt

luxe bourette thick

100% pure dry touch tussah bourette
pure top product origne Argentina
is an assemnblage (cordon style) of a 2,5Nm
8 x 1/20Nm in a roundish cordon type yarn

it is not completly boilled of
so there is still cerecine (catterpilar gleu) left on the thread
if you want it to have a softer touch you will need ot kalander it or to boilled the left  % of cericine off
how do you do that
well finish your textile and put it in big amount of water
(ration is 1 kilo is 15 liter of water needed)
add 300 grams of soda crystals in the per 15 liters water
and boill it for minimum of 45 minutes
you can if wanted go even longer to max 90 minutes

 let it cool down to 50°C and then you can start washing it with soap
DO NOT START washing it before it cooled dawn to 50°C
or you wil harden the material
DO NOT LET it cool down overnight  or the boilled of caterpillar gleu can reform itsefl on the thread
you do not want that or you are in the proces of relaoding your silk
(it is fun to do this for special color effects for briljant soft mauves pistaches and rose, but it is very difficult if you do not know what you are doing)

there is a difference in touch and also in more whiter color afterwards
but please do not expact to make form a soft sotton feeling (this boueteer had that feeling)
that you will end up whit a erotique soft cahmere touch
nono it will get softer but not so soft

you can also make a hank of it but need to dind it very loosly or you will hav problems of swelling of hte yarns
and parts whom will not be boilling of

if you do not understand this what i written...... well  we are only an email form each other.... mail me
i will try if i have time to make a foto reportage or a vifdeo film of the how and what
but do not expect that overnight

ciaooo you loving francis

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