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koishimaru pure natural japanese silk 10gr 23mt

100% japanese imperial half degummed koishimaru silk filament extreme rare to find

Artikelcode: koishimaru silk 4142

koishimaru   pure natural japanese silk  10gr 23mt

Koishimaru SiLK
one of those extreme rare to see special silks
an uttermost difficulte type of silkworm to cultivate
 and   also complexe in fabrication
multifilament wich hase been reeled off 
(took directly from the cocoon) in a way it
behaves a bit as a woolen spun thread 
it bounces and gives volume in a 3dimenional way
wich is almost technical IMPOSSIBLE for silk filament
this is one of those silks were it all starts in the prodcution of the cocoons itself
from really beginning till end all matters in this special way of processing this silk
its end result is ofcourse a stunning almost alien material
the only minus is the price of it… because of that uttermost difficult way
of cultivation and production proces it has a reflexion in a high price
but once you have worked this in your hands for weaving knitting or other textile technique
it will already be to late for you…. once love struck… it is for the rest of your life….

for demonstration of the bouncy effect
very stretchy as you see
and it goe again in it previous position

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