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Augustine Supreme

Augustine Supreme 

50% long fiber Bombyx mori silk 
50% 21 micron selected Merino wool
very soft and luxery feeling

we keep this type of mix always in sliver ready to spin to whatever type we need
it is amarvelous and super luxery combo
very soft and on the other hand also with a very nice stronger touch behind it
it is simply lovely
we keep them in 3 standards permanent available

the lace type one
 30/3Nm  100gram = 1000meter
a very nicly cordonneted 3 threas together in a volumptuous construction
very very to extremley wel suited for fine knitted project crosht and even 
SUPERB in bobbinlace

the 12/3Nm 100gram = 400 meter
idem here , we used the same cordonnting technology to twist in a very roendish yanr 
but also to make sure to keep its fluffy open aspects and not a closed hard yanr
(sounds much more difficut then oen should beleve)
because of this firmer but open type it is perfectly suited for pullovers and other more
needy wearables
the ultimate combination between fluffyness softnes and durabilety for wearing a pullover

the 1/4Nm   100gram = 400 meter
here you have the same leght per 100 gram as the 12/3 but
the difference is in the fact that this one is a single thread spun oraound itself
and we made it so it is alsmot inhert in biasworking
wich is a super thingh for sjaals 
because of this single special spun technique you get a thread wich is a lot opener then the 12/3
and more stich fulfilling propertys
another one of our perfect yarns....