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projects we are working on

projects we are working on
this is mainly done as a test for further industrial productions
but they will be available to you aswell


sustainability, ecological responsibility and NO WASTE MANAGEMENT
is a very high on our agenda
as we have the (voorrecht) to work so cloys in the production chain of high fashion
we are able to be able to redirect a lot of the surplus flows and also a lot of the unavoidable waste created in weaving knitting and other textile processing parts of fashion
we are currently working on a recuperation
of DIRECT source indigo denim waste materials from weaving high grade 100% pure cotton
this is reprocessed into a reusable base material for mixing into a marvelous
super grade of merino wool
part of the merinoswool is also reused form a knitting factory
the denim color is only 25% of the ecru yarn
but that mixed into the natural wool color gives a stunning soft denim glow
into the yarn
we have done already a lot of coloring tests and it is marvelous
afcourse you are not bale to do all possible colors as you base color is already a very very soft
washed out denim color but all colors you add to it gives a marvelous combo and halo
the softness and warm feeling it gives (even so there is 25% cotton inside ) is stunning
the reason is simple as this is recuperated at the source of the waste stream
we can guarantee the absolute quality of it
the cotton is not just simply rubbish cotton but very nicely processed high end cotton
this cotton is cottonised and because it is high end cotton we can make it
into a very fluffy voluminous mass of cottonised cotton into the wool


the same process of recuperating form the source is done here
but we have not pure grade coton and wool
here the mix is with some other waste materials as PA PES ETC
not much is in it but if your basis waste stream is contaminated by other materials…
you are not able to select them out it is not possible to filter the Polyamide or acryl or per out of it
so here they are and it is less luxury but i stand for this material a 500%
it is recuperating what would be otherwise be burned or dumped in the ground
please be not so naive as to beleef that all is recuperated
please do not beleef that fleece are really all recuperated plastic bottles….


we are having a order for yak fantasy yarns
this is doen with the uttermost super fien and softests of all possible yak fibers
so the prices will be a bit higher then normal but will be still perfect ok
a lot cheaper then what you would find elsewere…
for the yak we wil work with a presale becasue we only have a small volume of them +- 70 kilo is availbale
and as usaul a lot of you buy per kilo….

many kind regards from your francis….
your luxury fiber and yarn brother