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Free shipment

* vanaf 59€ aankoop voor 
   apd de 59€
   when buying from 59€
   beim kauf 59€
standard pick-up transport
self-pickup in a parcelshop

From € 59 we ship your package to a parcel shop ie collection point near you.
Completely FREE for every parcel shop shipping from € 59 to 
Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden
For smaller amounts we require a fair contribution to the shipping costs.

Your package will quickly delivered to a parcel shop.
It is faster than with a traditional home delivery.

Spacious & Flexible hours, packet pick up easy self
Early in the morning, afternoon, evening until 19 or 21 pm,
on Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays you get your package where and when it suits you.
No more misery to wait for a packet, wrong delivery to neighbors, etc.

You have control over your package
Is your package arrived in the parcel shop? You will be immediately informed via email, SMS or phone. 
You can track your package at any time on any device.

Rather be home delivered?
If you prefer still a home delivery, only and only during office hours,
then there is an additional cost will be charged.
this is not possibel for the UK!!! UK only parcelshop system

More info ...on delivery

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