Softy Sock 75/25

this type of sockyarn is a lot softer then the original one we carry sooo long already
in our range the  traditional Merinosock type

the composition in % is the same but we used an
more softer and special type of merinowool and also an other polyaide then the traditional version
this reflects in a a lot more softer feeling

75% Merinowool speciaal sock treatment
25% polyaminde special for abresion resistant

the thickness of hte yarn is slightly thinner
but very very slightly then the traditional MerinoSock
100gram = 400mt

but there is a but
as these are spial color test trials for us
we don not do it on small hanks but only on hanks of 500grams
so the disadvantage is ... it is 5 times more then a hank of 100gr for 1 pair of socks
but the ADVANTAGE is we do a VERY VERY VERY good deal on the price
500gram = 2000 meter

Normal price of this type would be 75 € per hank of 500gram
 75 €    ---> 50 €