dyeing fibers and threads +8h 02 july 2023

1 workshop the beginning workshop of coloring wunders 02 july 2023

dyeing fibers and threads +8h  02 july 2023
dyeing fibers and threads +8h  02 july 2023
dyeing fibers and threads +8h  02 july 2023
dyeing fibers and threads +8h  02 july 2023
dyeing fibers and threads +8h  02 july 2023
dyeing fibers and threads +8h  02 july 2023
dyeing fibers and threads +8h  02 july 2023
dyeing fibers and threads +8h  02 july 2023
dyeing fibers and threads +8h  02 july 2023
dyeing fibers and threads +8h  02 july 2023
dyeing fibers and threads +8h  02 july 2023
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Learn to dye your yarns like a real super star


in these workshops we only dye wool types and silks
so if you want to dye cotton linen etc, this is not the time
and also a TOTALLY different way of dye
so keep that in mind and don't come completely disappointed
to me during the workshop
asking why I don't want to dye linen either
yes I want to but that is a completely different way of dye
and also requires completely different dyes and associated chemistry
so only woolen, hair types and silk types
in short: nothing vegetable like
only animal and insectoid types of material

it is a very intensive workshop
we will start around 9.30 am with the workshop
first I will demonstrate all kinds of techniques
through which you will learn while seeing what and how to do this
and you also get a complete blabla in the how and the what of painting

the first lesson will be on how to practically make a degradee of soft transitions
tis to say how do you make a series of for example 6 from soft to dark within one and the same color
so you can knit a nice transitional pullover
well this is very simple .... if you know how to do this ...
and this is what we will teach

in the afternoon we stop for something to eat
you bring your own lunch
you get everything from water, tea, coffee, etc. here
and then we continue until about 6 to 7 pm
with the rest of the workshop and with more and more advanced techniques

so also plan this in your schedule if you come by public transport
we will really need that full time!!!
I hate people who suddenly say they have to leave for a train
and then expect me to suddenly put everything aside and start reeling the workshop in 123
no way this won't happen

what are you bringing?


clothes that can get dirty!
shoes that can get dirty
and dirty I mean if there will be permanent splashes that you can't get out afterwards states huh
your packed lunch
and that's it
of textile dyeing

This is a real DIY workshop about dyeing all kinds of basic fibers on a protein basis.
So this course only deals with dyeing all possible and impossible types of wool.
We mainly work with wool.
And with all kinds of silks.
Raw silk, spun silk, boiled silk and semi-gummed silk.
Don't expect big theoretical explanations, this is really about dyeing textiles in practice.
You learn to paint successful projects.
No school conditions.
We paint it together.

You learn to realize feasible paint projects yourself in an adequate way.
So you get an introduction to learn to paint yourself and
a lot of personal support on how to realize your own paint projects.
Francis teaches this course in a fairly casual and playful way
but with a lot of knowledge and technological support without complicated theories.
nevertheless, we will also give you the theoretical knowledge in the background

You will be amazed what you can realize yourself in an instant
and this without expensive equipment or products.
We paint with Super-Dye and regular household products.
We also paint on real strands and not on small samples,
because after all you can REALLY PAINT on a string
on knitted pieces, painting is not really useful to learn something
you must first have more feeling and tactility with the event in order to continue
and by the way, dyeing on a knit or fabric rarely gives an adequate effect
and so on strands you really learn what is
and so you can easily learn the effect of pigment on the fiber.
So you can easily start using your knowledge at home in your paint project.

and if you have more questions --->>> Mail us !

An unforgettable creative day.
An enrichment of your knowledge about textiles and dyeing.
After the course you can start dyeing your own wool in the color that YOU have developed.
You can (over) dye all your yarn yourself
You use dozens of professional color pigments in a safe and responsible manner.
We dye on full skeins from the best materials available.
The group is limited to a very limited number of refreshers.
In this way everyone gets sufficient and ample time to experiment.
We are not difficult in materials you use,
eg: rather not silk but wool to knit your own socks in exclusive self-developed colors,
can all be discussed
but please request in advance if it is possible
I can't put together a group with only completely different rarities
there must be some homogenite in the changes to be done
but almost anything is possible

we will work on:
powder soft
merinosoft Sports
merinosoft fine
merino soft super lace
merino sock
+- 150€ of material to be painted
so you will go home with a really nice amount of luxury yarns
Painted BY YOU in the colors YOU WANT
and so you will be suuppppeeeerrrr happy